We offer a complete bespoke pipework service designed to your requirements.


Western Tydens have an extensive range of machinery and tooling which enables us to fabricate a wide range of pipework and exhaust assemblies in stainless steel or mild steel to exact customer specifications.

We can produce fully welded pipework or kit form for on-site clamped assembly if required:

  • Mitre Joints
  • Angled pipework
  • Perforated or sheet steel heat shields with bespoke laser cut designs.
  • Flanged assemblies
  • Tailpipes / Stack Pipes
  • Mounting brackets
  • Clamp in / Weld in pipe repair sections.
  • Swelled & slotted pipes


Other types of Silencers

Bespoke Silencers

We offer a bespoke service when your silencer requirement can’t be met by our standard range.


Standard Silencers

Our standard range of silencers offer a drop in solution to suit most applications where silencing is required or needs improving. Intended for permanent installation.