Silencers & Pipework

Western Tydens have many years of experience designing and manufacturing general-purpose silencers for diesel engines used on light industrial equipment and machinery.

We offer our standard range of absorption and reflective type silencers which can be made to custom lengths if required. We also offer a bespoke manufacture and fabrication service to virtually any design or shape to your own drawing or pattern. Units can be manufactured from stainless steel or mild steel. Designed, drawn, and modelled using the very latest 3D CAD software to ensure a correct fit. We can manufacture OE quantities, small batches or one-offs as required. Typical applications include generators, tractors, vintage vehicles, construction equipment, motor homes, marine applications and many more including petrol, LPG and air silencers.

Standard Silencers

Our standard range of silencers offer a drop in solution to suit most applications where silencing is required or needs improving. Intended for permanent installation.


Bespoke Silencers

We offer a bespoke service when your silencer requirement can’t be met by our standard range.



We offer a complete bespoke pipework service designed to your requirements.