Shutdown Valves

Western Tydens are the UK distributor for the Wyndham-Page range of easily installed diesel engine air intake shutdown valves which automatically close on engine overspeed.

Shutdown valves are designed for situations where flammable gas or vapour may enter the atmosphere in the area in which a diesel engine is operating. Should such flammable material be drawn into the engine intake this may result in uncontrolled engine overspeeding and a situation in which shut down of the normal diesel fuel supply may fail to stop the engine. Under these circumstances, a rapid shutdown of the engine is required by immediate closure of the engine intake thereby greatly reducing the potential for major damage, which could possibly include the ignition of the flammable material in the surrounding atmosphere.

E Series Shutdown Valves

Mechanical air intake shutdown valves


F Series Shutdown Valves

Butterfly type air intake shutdown valves


G Series Shutdown Valves

Mechanical engine safety products